#ActforChange: Shoprite Partners Wecyclers To Stage Africa Biggest Clean-up Event

Shoprite Partners Wecyclers To Stage Africa Biggest Clean-up Event

The Shoprite group is planning to stage what has been described as Africa’s biggest clean-up where over 6,000 people from nine countries are expected to participate.

Participants in the clean-up will be participating in almost 500 events which will hold between 14th to 28th of July, 2018. The Shoprite Group will be partnering with the famous recycling company, Wecyclers in Nigeria.

Speaking about the initiative, Omobolanle Olowu, Head of Business Development of wecyclers said, “The hope is to launch a movement of active citizens who act for change by cleaning and keeping clean public areas. Plastic waste is putting the environment under considerable pressure with the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic being dumped into our oceans every minute.”

“Recycling is central to this initiative, hence Wecyclers’ decision to partner with Shoprite Nigeria on some of the 45 clean-ups planned in the country. Those organizing clean-ups are encouraged to partner with local recyclers to ensure that most of what is collected gets recycled.”

To ensure easy participation, the giant retail company has launched a mobile website – www.actforchange.africa.

The online platform makes it possible for users to create their own clean-ups or join existing ones within their area.