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4 Recycling Companies in Nigeria You Need To Know

4 Recycling Companies in Nigeria You Need To Know

Over the last few years, there has been a growing number of recycling companies across various sectors and Industries in Nigeria. Numerous individuals have begun set up enterprises to tackle waste in Nigeria. Here are f recycling companies you Need to know in Nigeria.


Wecyclers, is one of the biggest recycling companies in Nigeria, has proven that there is no need to pay enormous amounts of money for buying and developing high-tech reprocessing solutions. The winner of Sustainia Award (2014) helps low-income communities to earn money in exchange for collecting unmanaged waste.
Wecyclers has developed a smart system of unique bicycles that collect rubbish from families in exchange for consumer products. Wecyclers sell their sorted waste to other companies, who recycle and create products such as mattresses and pillows, as well as bin bags.


Chanja Datti

Chanja Datti which means.: “to change or transform dirt”, Hausa language) is considered to be one of the leaders in Nigeria’s recycling filed. The company outlines its goals and ways to achieve them on its website. Apart from promoting recycling and protecting nature of Northern Nigeria, Chanja Datti aims to provide employment opportunities for young people and small entrepreneurs.

Chanja Datti holds environmental awareness and ecological education campaigns. For example, “Live green, live clean” initiative aims to protect clean water resources as well as urges responsible production, water sanitation and consumption. Noticeably, Chanja Datti continually hires agents as well as volunteers to support the mission of bringing clean environment and recycling culture to Nigeria. All the waste collected is recycled and used for new materials by various manufacturers.


Ecofuture Nigeria is a social based recycling organisation, which collects waste from local households, schools, hospitals, restaurants and channels it into a unique facility for the first stages of processing. Eco-friendly waste is then sold to domestic manufacturers in Nigeria or even exported to other countries, supporting the country’s economy.

Ecofuture Nigeria gives an employment opportunity to young and unemployed people. The company uses geolocation and SMS-based system to be able to collect waste materials promptly. Its goal is to add value to understanding the importance of supporting the healthy ecosystem, as well as people around.


Tong Da LTD. Company’s slogan “Waste to wealth” is explained as creating new raw materials out of old dirty plastic and nylon for further use. Tong Da produces environmentally friendly machinery for collecting and processing rubbish ultimately playing a crucial role in saving the environment.

Nigeria is one of the first African countries to implement innovative technologies and recycling solutions for developing a greener world. Recycling companies in Nigeria not only help to keep the environment clean but also aid to youth, families, unemployed people and poor households providing them with extra earnings as well as production goods. The experience of these organisations shows that no money is needed to make a change, but the will of people.

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