About Us

Our Story

NaturalJunkie began in 2013 with the aim of sharing healthy recipes and lifestyle tips at the time, there was and still is a growing demand for green and healthier alternatives news in Nigeria.  We saw a vacuum in the green media space in Nigeria and the rest of Africa- We lacked platforms that collectively provided green information.

In 2017, NaturalJunkie.com was born, with the sole purpose of providing green content. Natural Junkie is a lifestyle brand dedicated to all things green. Our Platform delivers content on Green News which includes Health, Environment,  Agriculture, Lifestyle and much more.

At NaturalJunkie, we are a team of young and vibrant individuals who are passionate about green issues in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. We intend to share our message through our community of writers, contributors, professionals who provide engaging, educative and informative content created by us and tailored to us.

Our Values

We are passionate about people, the environment and the earth. We are current and move with the times.

We are innovative. We love. We believe