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Pepsodent Begins Campaign To End Tooth Decay

Pepsodent Begins Campaign To End Tooth Decay

Pepsodents Begins Campaign To End Tooth Decay

Unilever Nigeria Plc, maker of one of the leading toothpaste brand in Nigeria Pepsodent has kicked off the celebration of the 2018 World Oral Health Day (WOHD) with a press conference focused on ending tooth decay.

Unilever PLC at the press conference officially declared its plans to address dental challenges, especially tooth decay which is the most common dental disease all over the world, affecting both children and adults.

Speaking on the activities for the year which has been themed ‘Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think health’ Bunmi Adeniba,  the marketing director, Unilever Ghana Nigeria said, “This year, we will be focusing on creating awareness against tooth decay, currently the most widespread, chronic disease in the world, that affects 3 out of 5 children, and almost all adults. Tooth decay can be prevented and avoided through good oral hygiene practices, and increased support and funding for prevention, detection and treatment programs.”

“From inception till date, Pepsodent has reached a total of 3.5 million children with its Brush Day and Night Schools Program. In 2018, we intend to directly reach 1.5 million school children with our products and educational materials. This year we’ll also be enlisting Nigerian youths as oral health advocates, who will take the message of good oral health to their communities. Our vision and commitment are to improve the oral health of 10 million Nigerian children by 2020 through the Pepsodent Brush Day & Night Schools Programme,” she said.

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Also Present at the event was Dr. Bode Ijarogbe, President of the Nigerian Dental Association, he commended the initiative and said:  “It is a pleasure to partner with Unilever Nigeria Plc., who has over the years made the World Oral Health Day a success with their immense support. In 2018, we aim to get everyone to recognize the impact oral health has on overall health, and to help inspire a change in their oral care habits”

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