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#NaturalHair: What Others See as a Trend Has Become a Lucrative Business

#NaturalHair: What Others See as a Trend Has Become a Lucrative Business

Natural hair

Over the past years, the swerve in which natural hair has been gracing various fashion scenes within the African continent and diaspora is commendable. However, the Southern African nation of Namibia has taken it up a notch and is set to host its annual natural hair beauty and Expo. The beauty Expo is set to bring vendors and natural hair advocates together to celebrate the diversity in African hair and beauty. What others see as just a “trend” is putting revenue in the hands of others.

Taking place on Saturday, 9 September at the International University of Management (IUM) Dorado Park campus in Windhoek, the expo will offer a platform that aims to introduce different topics and activities to those in attendance. With an African-inspired theme, organisers are promising a beautiful setting that will celebrate all things African.

An array of beauty and hair products, food, beverages, and homemade organic products, natural products for hair, skin and even beards would be made available by various “natural” inspired vendors. Some others are set to bring in international hair care brands, hand-made jewellery, local cuisine and so much more.

“Our wonderful sponsors 99FM will be covering the event and reaching a wider, more diverse audience, Tamasa Trading will indulge us with some lovely wine tasting whilst guests can have their cars washed by My Mobi car wash,” said Zodidi Gaseb, one of the founders and organisers of the event.

The event aims to celebrate and create a culture of appreciating the diversity of natural African hair and beauty. Also, it strives to mark a very important shift in the way beauty is viewed not only in Namibia but in Africa as a whole.

“Three years on, what has been the greatest achievement is that we’ve had an increase in local entrepreneurship, especially from women. A widespread acceptance of natural hair in the workplace and in society in general. More and more discussions that raise awareness of self-love and acceptance as well as putting Namibia on the map in terms of relevant trending discussions and events,” Zodidi said.

Adding to this, the Fashion Council of Namibia will be hosting a styling workshop on natural dreadlocks. It is an international event and the organisers have opened attendance to all and sundry to come and explore the natural beauty inherent in the African continent. However, tickets are available from

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