Lagos Government Shutdown Fishery Company For illegal Dumping

Lagos State Government Shutdown Fishery Company For illegal Dumping

The Lagos state ministry of environment has moved for the closure of Vesa Fisheries, a company situated in Ojota, Lagos state.

This directive was given after it was discovered the company was illegally dumping inflammable materials at the Olusosun dumpsites which has been closed earlier by the Lagos state government.

Mr Babatunde Durosinmi-Eti, the state commissioner for the environment gave the directive to seal up the company, a move which according to him was necessitated because of the need to prevent unpalatable occurrences at the dumpsite.

The enforcement team of the ministry had discovered the indiscriminate dumping of waste at the site could aggravate an already bad situation in the area.

The commissioner noted the act of the company was against the Lagos state environmental law, adding that the company took advantage of it closeness to the dumpsite to flaunt the order of the Lagos state government, thereby exposing then residents of the environment   to danger.

“It is obvious that the quantity and components of wastes the company generates have been under-declared, because it deemed it convenient to covertly dump at the dumpsite,” he said.