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Adults Should Not Consume Less Than 5g Of Salt A Day – WHO

Adults Should Not Consume Less Than 5g Of Salt A Day – WHO

Adults Should Not Consume Less Than 5g Of Salt A Day - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised adults should endeavour to consume less than five grammes (5 grammes equals a tablespoon) of salt daily in order to maintain a healthy and vibrant life.

The world health body said this on it twitter handle during the weekend. It noted most people often exceed the recommended quantity of intake per day with some people consuming twice the quantity.

WHO pointed out that too much salt intake increases the level of blood pressure, putting a person at the risk of high blood pressure which may later lead to stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

According to WHO, around 2.5 million deaths can be prevented each year if people adhere to the recommended limit.

It suggested salt intake can be reduced by limiting consumption of salty snacks.

“Reducing salt intake means less deaths, disability and suffering from heart disease and stroke; this is possible by comparing labels at supermarkets and choosing products with less sodium.

“Salt consumption at home can be reduced by limiting the consumption of salty snacks, replacing salt when cooking with natural herbs and spices,” it says.

Speaking further, WHO said eating pattern has changed as people now consumed less vegetables and fruits consuming processed foods which are high in saturated fats, trans fats, sugar and salt.

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It says further that daily maximum intake for children between the ages of two to fifteen should be adjusted downward based on their energy requirements.

It concluded iodized salt should be taken as this is essential for a healthy brain development in fetus, infants and adults generally.

Source: NAN

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