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5 Healthy Food Brands You Should Know in Lagos

5 Healthy Food Brands You Should Know in Lagos

healthy food brands you should know

Most of us are willing to dump all the junk snacks and eat healthier snacks in a bid to be in the best health possible, but the challenge of finding healthier alternatives persists.

If that is one of your struggles, then there’s good news. We have pooled together a list of wellness brands that will make your dream of eating healthy snacks without breaking the bank a reality.

Here are 5 healthy Food Brands You should know in Lagos

Nuli Juice 


Granola, Greek yogurt, protein shakes, varieties of healthy juices and smoothies, healthy shawarma…. are some of the healthy goodness Nuli juice has beautifully prepared to satisfy your quest for healthy taste. You don’t even have to go out to get your fill of any of their offerings; they make convenience possible with their delivery option. Located at Ikoyi in Lagos, they are a choice you may want to explore for some healthy snacks and juices.


Oh So Nutrition


When you want delicious whole and healthy foods or beverages on the go, Oh So Nutrition should come to mind. The brand boasts of products that are free of gluten, soy, dairy or refined sugar. With Oh So Nutrition, boring food is a no-no. With products like Oh So Chocolate, granola, smoothies, chia pudding, nut milk and healthy salad chops amongst others, you’ll have your hands full making healthy eating choices.


So Fresh Ng


Just like their name, So Fresh Ng comes fresh and tasty. A visit to their page on Instagram, and you’ll be tempted to order all beautiful goodies on display. If you don’t know what healthy food to prepare for your family, SoFreshNg offers meal plans that not only encourage healthy eating for adults and kids but also weight loss if that is your aim.


Eden Wellness


It’s a healthy meal and juice jamboree on Eden Wellness page. With the mantra “If its refined, processed and manufactured we won’t cook it, but if its raw, unrefined and harvested YES we will”, you know you will be filling your stomach with healthy and tasty meals. Those on a mission to detox are factored in with Eden Wellness’ detox boxes. Check out their offerings for a healthier you.


Clay Food Shop


Distance is not a barrier for Clay Food Shop when it comes to delivering healthy thrills to your taste buds. From northern protein-rich dish Dan Wake (bean dumplings) made from beans flour to tiger nut, Fura, Tamarind juice, vanilla tiger nut, zobo, grilled fish and beef kebabs amongst others, Clay Food Shop are on the mission to encourage healthy eating with their array of offerings. Tired of the usual healthy tastes available? Try the northern delight in the Clay Food Shop offerings.

These are some food and snack choice destinations for you to choose from to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight especially in a city like Lagos where it is easy to access unhealthy snacks.

Try them and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for constant updates that encourage a healthy living.

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