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Health Benefits of Consuming Zobo Drink

Health Benefits of Consuming Zobo Drink

Zobo drink is the original name from Nigeria, West Africa. It changes its name in different countries, as Zobo drink is enjoyably consumed and drunk in various places all around the world. The basic essence of this drink is (dry) Roselle leaves or popularly known also as Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves coming from a species of Hibiscus plant, original and native of West Africa.

Since the Roselle leaf already has sweet natural taste, most of Zobo drink lovers do not put sugar in their drink nor do certain restaurants. A few of them still use low-cholesterol sugar for some reason, particularly because they like sugar so much. This one factor is what makes Zobo special because it offers natural sweet taste which is certainly safe and does not endanger health. Fortunately, health benefits of Zobo drink are not immeasurable because it gives nothing but a natural touch, organic essence and fresh nutrients without any contamination.

Also, Zobo drink has a lot of good nutrients on its own without the final preparation. This applies to the Roselle leaf only and this shows that the benefit can vary and increase when you put other essences to your Zobo drink. Some of those nutrients are;

Water-soluble antioxidant

Huge amounts of vitamin C

Anti-hypertensive properties

Anti-bacterial properties

Enzyme inhibitor

High level of antioxidant

These nutrients and good essence contained in Zobo drink, particularly Roselle leaf work well to prevent and or cure some illnesses below;

High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Diabetes and Constipation

According to a research conducted by United States Department of Agriculture, Zobo drink is significantly effective for curing some disease and health disturbances ranging from high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes and constipation. Particularly to the high blood pressure case, Zobo drink is effectively used as it can lower the bloodstream by ‘using’ it’s enzyme inhibitor which is able to block the production of amylase. Amylase itself is an enzyme which can break down complex starches and sugar.

This closely relates to natural essences contained in Zobo drink or its main basic leaf which is naturally sweet and rich in good nutrients including anti-hypertensive properties. Automatically, all the essences work together to control sugar level at the blood stream so that body metabolism as well as digestion system run well and properly.

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 Loss of Appetite

In addition to the sense of mood, loss of appetite also closely relates to digestive system. Zobo drink offers various nutrients needed and nutritionally necessary ranging from iron, caffeine-free, niacin, carotene to calcium so the consumers would get his/her appetite back as the digestive system returns to normal. Those nutrients work hand in hand to overcome any bacteria and worm in digestive system supported by anti-bacterial properties which is also found in the Zobo drink.

Fever, Cold and Infection

The richness of vitamin C in Zobo drink is naturally effective for curing as well as preventing fever, cold and infection.

Kidney Disease

People with kidney disease are advised to consume Zobo drink as it contains 15 to 30 percent o an organic acid as mentioned above. The mechanism is all about the ability of the kidney to filter out some waste products such as the uric and oxalic acid. Those two wastes can form a sort of stone at the kidney and when it gets bigger, it would be excessively heavy.

However, it is advisable for them not put sugar in the liquid so that the natural essences of Zobo could well-preserved and not contaminated with other non-natural essences such as sugar as we find at regular market.


Zobo drink could prevent cancer as it is rich with anti-oxidant essences. Consuming any food or raw materials rich with anti-oxidant would significantly strengthen the immune system especially in fighting free radical. As a consequence, the body would be well-kept from various diseases, including cancer which regularly occurs as an impact of free-radical contamination.

Beyond all of its good nutrients and function, it is not advisable for pregnant women to drink Zobo drink as it can stimulate blood stream and make the menstruation come which then leads to abortion. Lactating mothers are advised not to drink Zobo as it can endanger the mother and her baby. Regular consumers should also not drink Zobo too much as continual consumption can give bad impact to the kidney(s).

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