World Kidney Day: Painkillers, Herbal Concoction Can Damage The Kidney

World Kidney Day: Pain killers, Herbal Concoction Can Damage The Kidney

Most pain killer drugs are easily accessible as they are sold over the counter and this has undoubtedly led to abuse of this type drugs as most people will rather get relief for whatever symptoms they are feeling than to go the hospital for a check-up.

But as the world celebrates World Kidney day, a nephrologist with the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Dr. Enajite Okaka has said this habit could damage a person’s kidney.

Speaking with The Punch, she said apart from pain killers, herbal concoctions are also dangerous as they do not come with prescriptions or dosage.

“Pain killer drugs can cause kidney disease when you take them in large amount for a long period of time.

“People whose jobs are largely physical tend to end up with body aches and pains; so, they go to the chemist to buy medicine for body pains. More often than not, they give them a cocktail of pain killers and they take them; they feel so good and relieved. So, they go back again and again, and that can damage their kidneys.

“Some herbal medicine too can cause kidney problem. A lot of them do not have doses but people keep drinking it.

“People come to the hospital with kidney ailments and we discovered that the problems they have are from the herbs they are taking,” she said.

She also appealed to both state and federal governments to subsidize treatment of diabetes and hypertension as this will enable Nigerians to receive proper treatments for these conditions.

“The government should take care of those things that lead to kidney-related diseases; common things like hypertension and diabetics. If they can make the treatment of hypertension and diabetics free, people who have them can get affordable drugs.

“There are some persons who are not taking medicines for hypertension even though their blood pressure is high and when you ask them, they will tell you that they do not have money to buy drugs.

“So if the drugs can be subsidized, more people will get treatment,” she concluded.

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