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As The World Marks Walk To Work Day – How Relevant In Nigeria?

As The World Marks Walk To Work Day – How Relevant In Nigeria?

As The World Marks Walk To Work Day - How Relevant In Nigeria?

As the world marks ‘walk to work day’, one questions comes to the mind of every average Nigerian, “what else can one do if not walk to work?

Don’t get me wrong, some people definitely need this, especially the elite who goes from home into their car, then to the office. But to an average Nigerian, walking is a part of life, in fact, it will not be wrong to say walking is the most used means of transport of some Nigerians, hence the term, “Legedez Benz”.

The man living in a town takes bike or the popular ‘keke NAPEP’ only when he need to cover a a great distance, for the man in the city, his walking is most time a way out of many unwholesome situations.

One downside of living in a city is the high cost of transport, to reduce cost, many have resulted to walking some distance then usiing a public transport to complete the rest of the journey.

I once listen to people recount how they had to trek from Shogunle bus stop to Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos due to massive traffic which tripled the transport fare. According to Google Map, Shogunle to Iyana – Ipaja is about 12 kilometers, crazy right?

Maybe you also think the number of the working class that have one or two cars are high, sorry to burst your bubble, with the increase in price of fuel in 2015, most Nigerians, especially those living in cities have resulted to leaving their car at home while they use the public transport.

At the end of the day, it will be safe to conclude that most Nigerians are already walking to work.

But that is not to say ‘walk to work’ should be totally ignored. We all need to be mindful of our lifestyle and make amendment where necessary. So if you are used to cruising around in your call, you may need t take a break and walk some distance, it will definitely benefit your overall health.

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