University Don Advises Nigerians on Pure Water Consumption

University Don Advises Nigerians on Pure Water Consumption

Authorities of National Agency for Food, Drugs Administrative and control, NAFDAC and the Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON have been advised to put in place stringent laws to curtails the production of substandard pure water and drinks across Nigeria.

A professor of pharmaceutical microbiology from the University of Ibadan, Prof  Olufemi Adeleke while delivering the 463 inaugural lecture also appealed to the pharmacists council of Nigeria not to fold its arms in this regard stressing that Nigerians are daily being exposed to sub standard drinks.

The university don maintained that the need appropriate steps in this regard will safeguard public health adding that the health risk associated with the microbial contaminants could be due  to uncontrolled preparation of such drinks.

He said, ” They should step up monitoring, when they give certificate, they should follow it up. They should not rest on their oars because they have given approval.

“It is erroneous to call them pure water, just call them sachet water. most of them do not undergo proper scrutiny, no quality assurance.

“Even though they have NAFDAC number on their pack, in most cases, it is not real.

He also appealed to Nigerians to be careful of all sachet water on display across the country.

“My own advice is that when taking  sachet water, don’t be deceived, make sure you rub the outside and shake it very well so you can be sure it is clean,” he advised

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