South Sudan Bans Skin Lightening Products

South Sudan Bans Skin Lightening Products - Natural Junkie

The Drugs and Food Control Authority (DFCA) of South Sidan has placed a ban on the sale of all skin lightening products.

While announcing the ban, the secretary general of DFCA, Mawien Atem Mawien said the purpose of the ban was to protect the people of South Sudan from exposure to harmful chemicals used in manufacturing skin lightening products.

“All the whitening or bleaching creams are prohibited for import without any approval from DFCA, most especially those that contain mercury and hydroquinone,’ said the DFCA secretary general.

In order to regulate the cosmetics business in the country, the body ordered all cosmetics dealers in the country to obtain new import licenses.

“It is very clear that cosmetics are being used in South Sudan without any discrimination despite the fact that they contain so many chemicals.

“No cosmetics will be brought to the Republic of South Sudan without the approval of DFCA. Anything outside the right channel will be deemed illegal,’’ he said.

It is still unclear if the ban will be effective as other bans have been unsuccessful.

WHO had revealed bleaching and lightening products contain mercury, a harmful chemical which could lead to diverse health conditions.

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