Rate of newborn deaths in Bauchi alarming – UNICEF Officer

Rate of Newborn Deaths in Bauchi Alarming – UNICEF

United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Health Officer in Bauchi has called on the government to take urgent and appropriate action as the rate of newborn deaths in the state is becoming alarming.

The Health Officer made this call at a stakeholders meeting for situation analysis on newborn deaths in Bauchi state.

According to him, 161 deaths are out of 1000 newborn are likely to die before they clock 5 years.

“Out of every 1000 newborn, 161 are likely to die before their fifth birthday in Bauchi; this is far above SDG target.

“For our newborn presently, we have about 11455 deaths of newborns every year in Bauchi, therefore Bauchi is number five in Nigeria in terms of newborn deaths,” he said.

Speaking further, he pointed out Bauchi government set up a committee called Bauchi State Every Newborn Action Committee (BASENAC) to monitor the implementation of the policy.

He said, “With the partnership of UNICEF/EU and the state government, we will reduce newborn deaths in the state”.

Also speaking at the stakeholders’ meeting, Bhanu Pathak, the head of UNICEF, zone ‘D’Field Office assure the government has been putting in efforts to reduce cases of neonatal deaths, he, however, complained there are unresolved challenges.

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