Ramadan: Ulcer Patients Can Fast With Caution – Surgeon

Ramadan: Ulcer Patients Can Fast With Caution - Surgeon

A consultant Plastic Surgeon with the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Prof Ismail Adigun provided some respite to ulcer patients who may want to partake in the ongoing Ramadan fast as he said ulcer patients can observe the fast but they must avoid foods that cause them problems.

Peaking in Ilorin over the weekend, the consultant Sid ulcer patients must be able to identify foods that worsen their condition.

He noted that while some people with ulcer react to roughage foods like garri, some react to fried foods.

He cautions the people to avoid consuming hot, spicy food as well as food high in acid contents as they upset the digestive system.

He said further that fried, fatty and acid-containing foods and fruits such as citrus fruits and tomato-based products contain acids.

He urged ulcer patient observing the fast to eat a small portion of food but more frequently.

“Therefore, patients should be moderate when breaking their fast, eating in smaller portions, but more frequently.

“For instance, start off with dates and light food before giving it a rest, later it can be followed by the main meal,” he said.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which it is obligatory for all healthy adult Muslims to fast during daytime.

According to Islamic rules, those who cannot fast due to illness or who have severe discomfort during fasting are exempted from Ramadan fast.


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