Raining Season: 5 ways to prevent catching the flu

Raining Season: 5 ways to prevent catching the flu

The raining season is here and for the next months, we need to deal with the downpour and everything that comes with it.

If you are living in a congested city like Lagos, you will agree the raining season is a blessing, you get to sleep without battling with the heat.

But then, as great as the season is, there are some disadvantages and one of them is flu.

Catching the flu can mess up your day, if not weeks. You get so weak and tired and sometimes feverish. To make matter worse, you have to work in the midst of it or who will grant you a sick leave because you have the flu?

To avoid stories that touch, it is better to take precautions in order to avoid this kind of situation. Below are some precautions to take.

Mind your nutrition

This is coming first because it is the most important precaution to take. This is not the season to eat anything you want. You need to eat healthily, go organic and natural. Eating healthy will help boost your immunity system which will, in turn, help your body fight flu attack or any other disease. So ensure you eat more vegetables and fruits.

Wash your hands regularly

This season, more people will have flu so you need to be careful. Always ensure you wash your hands regularly and if you can’t, get an original hand sanitizer.

Cover up

I know you want to dress well and look good but this is the time to cover up especially after a rainfall. Cardigans are not outdated so ensure you carry one along with you if you are not well covered and will be staying out late. Prevention is always better than cure remember.

Avoid congested area

The flu virus is more likely to go round during this time to ensure there is an inflow of fresh air when you are around lots of people.

Limit the use of cooling fan and AC

The weather is already cold so ensure you don’t expose yourself to more cold when you are in-door. If you must use a cooling fan or air conditioner, make sure to keep it at the lowest to avoid too much exposure.szddxs