Professor Reveals How Fruits Could Help Beat Chronic Disease

Professor Reveals How Fruits Could Help Beat Chronic Disease

A Professor of Food Technology, Mr. Oluwalana has revealed consuming fruits 30 minutes before the main meal is a major boost to living a better and quality life as well as a solution to many chronic diseases affecting mankind.

He said this while delivering the 103rd inaugural Lecture of the Federal University f Technology Akure which was titled ‘Give us this day, our daily fruit: A Panacea to Wastage, Ageing and Micronutrients Deficiency Disease”.

The professor recommended a daily intake of 400g of fresh fruits as this will promote a healthy lifestyle.

He noted that adding fruits to daily diet can equal overall good health and help improve conditions like gastrointestinal health, vision enhancement, reduced symptoms of diabetes, anemia, gastric ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other chronic diseases.

According to him, while the exact mechanics by which fruit consumption reduces human disease has yet to be fully understood, there is a general consensus among physicians and nutritionists that phytonutriceuticals in fruits are responsible for the mitigating of some of these diseases.

The professor, who also heads the Department of Food and Science Technology identified fruits in disease management to include citrus fruits, banana, plantains, pawpaw, watermelon, cucumber, and pineapple.

He added that fruits rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, dietary fiber, phytonutrients and minerals which have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

He, however, lamented that 40% of produce all over the world are wasted due to factors like improper handling, lack of storage facilities, non-adoption of recommended appropriate technologies and lack of integrated approach to the production of fruits.

To overcome these challenges, Mr. Oluwalana intensive public enlightenment on the benefits of fruit consumptions be made by both government and non-government organizations

He also advised the government to find a solution to the unstable power situation in the country as produce depends on technologies for effective storage.

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