NYC Appealed To FG and Private Sector To Embrace Organic Farming

NYC Appealed To FG and Private Sector To Embrace Organic Farming

An appeal has been sent to the Federal government by The Nigeria Youth Congress (NYC) and those in private sector to adopt the use of technology-based organic farming as this will guarantee food security for the country and provide employment opportunities for the youth.

The Youth Congress made the appeal at the Federal Capital Territory while Dr. Benoy Berry as ‘Champion of Youth Empowerment’ for his investment in organic farming.

He said, “We are surprised to know that there are tissue culture and organic facilities here in Abuja that can eliminate carcinogenic properties from crops thereby reducing the health challenges associated with imported chemical fertilizers.

“While some businessmen are busy importing fake chemicals from abroad, here you have the remedy through organic fertilizer to keep our health in sound condition.

“If you will continue to do this our country and Africa will be safe and there will be enough food for everyone. We, therefore, bestow on you the ‘Champion of Youth Empowerment.’

“We salute you and we are happy with what you are doing concerning agriculture because this is in consonance with President Muhammadu Buhari, is advocating for in agriculture, using it to diversify the economy and employing the youths because as we cannot continue to rely and depend on oil alone for foreign exchange as agriculture is the key,” he concluded.

In his response to the request made by the NYC President, Dr. Berry agreed to host the proposed first Nigeria youth summit on use of technology and modern farming methods to drive food security as done in China and India as soon as possible.