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No Healthy Level Of Alcohol Consumption – New Study

No Healthy Level Of Alcohol Consumption – New Study

No Healthy Level Of Alcohol Consumption - New Study - Natural Junkie

While it may be right that there is a legal limit of alcohol consumption, a new study has revealed there is no healthy level of alcohol consumption.

The unconventional message was published by the University of Washington based authors of the Global Burden of Disease study.

According to the report published in the Lancet Medical Journal, alcohol was the leading cause of death of about 2.8 million people in 2016.

Although it is widely believed that taking one or two glasses of wine or beer a day have some health benefits, the result of the research showed the safest level of drinking is to not drink at all.

Prof Emmanuela Gakidou, the report’s senior author said,  “Alcohol poses dire ramifications for future population health in the absence of policy action today. Our results indicate that alcohol use and its harmful effects on health could become a growing challenge as countries become more developed, and enacting or maintaining strong alcohol control policies will be vital,”

“Worldwide we need to revisit alcohol control policies and health programmes, and to consider recommendations for abstaining from alcohol. These include excise taxes on alcohol, controlling the physical availability of alcohol and the hours of sale, and controlling alcohol advertising. Any of these policy actions would contribute to reductions in population-level consumption, a vital step toward decreasing the health loss associated with alcohol use.”

In a commentary written by Dr. Robyn Burton of King’s College London said the conclusion of the study is clear and not ambiguous, “Alcohol is a colossal global health issue and small reductions in health-related harms at low levels of alcohol intake are outweighed by the increased risk of other health-related harms, including cancer,”

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“There is strong support here for the guideline published by the Chief Medical Officer of the UK who found that there is ‘no safe level of alcohol consumption,” she wrote.

They, therefore, advised governments set up policies that will discourage people from consuming alcohol.

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