New Study Reveals How Low-Carbohydrate Diets is Best For Weight Loss

New Study Reveals How Low-Carbohydrate Diets is Best For Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight but physical activities seem not to be working? This new study may be the answer to this challenge. The new study published in the Journal BMJ has revealed consuming low-carbohydrate diets may be the best way to weight loses.

According to a report by Cable News Network, the study was carried out on 164 overweight people and they had their weight reduced by 12 percent after they were placed on high, medium or low carbohydrates diets for 20 weeks.

Dr David Ludwig, of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at the Boston Children’s hospital who was also the principal investigator in the study said, “We found that the type of diet people ate had a major impact on their metabolism. Those on the low-carbohydrate diet burned about 250 calories a day more than those on the high-carbohydrate diet, even though all the groups were the same weight.

Speaking further, he said participants’ calorie intake was control as they maintained the baseline weight and when a participant begins to lose of gain weight, their calorie intake was increased or decreased as appropriate.

“If somebody’s metabolism speeded up, they would have started losing weight, and that would have triggered us to increase calories just to restore weight to that baseline target,” he said.

Dr Ludwig who is also a professor of pediatrics and nutrition said from the study, it can be deduced that all calories are not alike to the body for the metabolic angle, adding that restricting carbohydrates may be a better strategy than restricting calorie intake in order to achieve success in long-term weight lose goal.

He however stated that without the calorie control intervention, having a low-carbohydrate diet could create spontaneous weight loss over a few years.

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