Cholera Outbreak: NCDC Identifies 83 Local Govts as Hotspot

Cholera Outbreak: NCDC Identifies 83 Local Govts as Cholera Hotspots

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has declared 83 local governments as cholera hotspots in the country.

According to the agency, cholera disease is more prevalent in three states, Zamfara, Kano and Bauchi as the states carry over 70% of the burden.

Cholera hotspots are the locations the disease occurs on a regular basis.

Many are of the opinion that cholera is a 19th century disease but many African and Asian countries are struggling with the disease outbreak.

NCDC is currently using a digital technology called geospatial mapping to map out cholera hotspots in the country.

The agency also revealed the data displays the spread of cholera and also shows the possible risks of the various LGA where the outbreak has been reported in the last five years.

“We layered the 2018 outbreak data with the historical hotspot analysis to identify specific trends and possible overlaps. The result of the hotspot analysis identified 83 LGAs as hotspots, with 87 per cent reporting at least one case with over 70 per cent of the burden from Bauchi, Kano, and Zamfara states”.

NCDC said the map out would be useful at the start of the outbreak, as hotspot analysis helps determine where to vaccinate and what quantity of vaccines are required per LGA.

“The LGAs identified as hotspots have enabled the government to make informed decisions about where to request vaccines to ensure that the most vulnerable areas are supported.

“This exercise ensures the effectiveness of the oral cholera vaccine immunisation campaigns which are rolled out to stop the spread of disease,” it said.

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