More Than 2.5 million Nigerians Are Unaware They Have Diabetes – Expert Warns

More Than 2.5 million Nigerians Are Unaware They Have Diabetes - Expert

The President of the Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria, Prof. Olufemi Fasamade has raised an alarm over the rate at which Nigerians are being diagnosed of diabetes, adding that Nigeria is losing N92 billion annually to the scourge of diabetes.

Speaking at the product launch-symposium on diabetes by Novo Nordisk Nigeria over the weekend, the university Don estimated the prevalence rate of diabetes disease to 5 million with more than half of the number not diagnosed.

“Some are not diagnosed because the type 2 diabetes may not have any symptom and so, the need for people to continuously taste their blood sugar.

“A patient who has complication may be indebted to the tune of N500, 000 – N1millon.

“Diabetes kills more people than the trio of tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria.  From my experience with patients that have ailments like stroke, heart attack, blindness, kidney problem, and limb amputation, they all have links to diabetes,” he stated.

Professor Surendra Sharma of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur, India, speaking at the product launch said Insulin degludec has a high duration of action which enables it to last for more than 42 hours, giving room for flexibility in day-to-day dosing time.

Speaking further, he said 1Insulin degludec provides a lower risk of overall, severe and nocturnal hypoglycemia and comparable reductions of blood glucose levels.1-4. He said, just like India, Nigerians are eating a lot of unhealthy food that are increasing their sugar level and it’s important that everyone cultivate the habit of eating good food.

On his part, the Division of Endocrinology & Diabetology, Medical University of Graz, Austria, Prof. Thomas Pieber said patients that have hypoglycemia are at the risk of death and so, the introduction of Insulin Degludec which reduces the risk of casualty. “In the cardiovascular outcomes trial, DEVOTE, insulin degludec did not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events; while significantly reduced the rates of nocturnal severe and severe hypoglycaemia by 53% and 40%, respectively compared with insulin glargine U100, in adults with type 2 diabetes.”

The BoP project which is currently running in Nigeria is planned to reach 400,000 patients. We are firmly committed to working towards alleviating the burden of diabetes and supporting people with diabetes live a healthy life. ’Novo Nordisk provides half of the world’s insulin.”

Source: The Vanguard

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