Men are More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease – Cardiologist

Men are More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease - Cardiologist

A Cardiologist at the College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi-Araba, Prof. Janet Ajuluchukwu has revealed men face more risk of heart disease than women leading to increase in death rate at age 40.

The Cardiologist made this known while speaking in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday in Lagos.

She revealed further that researches showed most men do not visit the hospital until it is too late, therefore increasing their chances of a heart disease.

Ajuluchuckwu encouraged men to visit the hospital for regular checkups as health conditions like hypertension do not come with obvious signs.

The Cardiologist said, “There is this perception that they are strong and that they won’t go to the hospital.

“They believe it is a sign of weakness to say they are sick and have gone to the hospital.

“Many patients will come and beat their chest and say, for the last 40 years, I have not been to the hospital.

“And I always tell them it is not responsible not to go to the hospital when you are sick.”

Ajuluchukwu noted that women were more proactive and would usually take advantage of the opportunities they had to have themselves checked whenever they visited the hospital.

She pointed out that women often visit the hospital regularly as they always have to be there for a loved one.

“Women have more opportunities.

“They take their mothers to the hospital; they take their children to the hospital; when they’re pregnant, they go for antenatal.

“They’re always around the healthcare professionals, so they take advantage of it.”

She urged wives and mothers to always encouraged the men around them to go for a checkup, adding health professionals are currently seeking for ways to reach out to the male population.

“We want it to be everybody’s job.

“We have mothers, we have sisters and we have brothers.

“Let everybody try to encourage the men,” she concluded.

Source: NAN.