Lagos Mums Get Fit With ‘Break A Sweat’ With NaijaFitnessMoms

Lagos Mums Get Fit With ‘Break A Sweat’ With NaijaFitnessMoms

Women from different parts of Lagos were treated to rounds of physical activities as Niajafitnessmoms Fitness Empire, a fitness brand with a special interest in women and mothers hosted the maiden edition of a boot camp fitness event that was tagged “Break a Sweat”.

The fitness boot camp that had over 50 women in attendance was used as an avenue to sensitize women on the importance of physical fitness and healthy living in general.

Participants were made to go through different activities like dancing, sack race, different games and many more.
Speaking amount the event, Founder and Lead Fitness Trainer of Naijafitmoms, Mrs. Chinwe Obinwanne said, “There was a need to spread the good news of fitness to every Nigerian woman out there when I discovered how people misunderstood the concept of fitness. Many believe exercise is only for those who want to lose weight and ‘BREAK A SWEAT’ was the right avenue to bring as many women as possible together to enlighten them on the benefits of exercise and healthy living to achieving a higher quality of life. We plan to hold the event twice yearly and soon, we will be going on the ‘Break A Sweat’ tour around major cities in Nigeria to help women especially mothers imbibe the fit lifestyle. It is our vision to build a nation of fit and healthy mothers because we strongly believe that mothers play a pivotal role in how the next generation turns out.”

Aside from physical fitness, participants also learned about sexual abuse, especially the need for sex education for children.

One of the guest speakers, Mrs. Funmni Olatayo, a Dietician and Nutritionist emphasized the need to eat ore of organic food as fitness and healthy eating goes hand in hand.

Some participants of the event who spoke with The Guardian expressed their excitement. Mrs. Olatayo rated the event 10 out of 10. She said, “We had so much fun. We had games, talks, dance, fitness, and cardio programs.

“This kind of workout is what women need to keep them active because most women do not have the time to keep fit” she concluded.

Another participant, Ifeoma Ibeawuchi said the event was fun and she felt more energized. She said, “I feel very fit and ready for the day. We are here not just to learn how to lose weight, but how to be healthy because they say, health is wealth.”

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