Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival Returns

Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival Returns - Natural Junkie

After the 2018 edition which was a huge success, organizers The Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival,  Nigeria’s biggest food and drinks festival and culture have released details about the 2019 edition of the event.

The 2019 Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival will be taking place at the Eko Atlantic Waterfront, Victoria Island on the 23rd of March, 2019.

Speaking about the event, the Festival Director, Mr. Ike Steve said, “As a brand, Nigeria resonates with international audiences well beyond its actual square footage and her music, culture, creativity, and food, among others, have continued to grab the attention of the rest of the world.

“The Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival was inspired by this audacious and pervasive cultural energy that has translated into the bold flavors of our cuisine and the pungent, heady sensibilities of our spirits.”

The festival is expected to follow its tradition by featuring different exciting activities which include a presentation of indigenous cuisines and drinks drawn from more than 40 different ethnic groups across the country.

There will also be live performances by popular artists, live comedy show, performances by cultural dance groups, chef masterclasses, food/art exhibitions seminars and many more.

Revealing more than 10,000 people and up to 100 vendors are expected to participate at the event, the Festival Director said, “The event promises non-stop entertainment, including a variety of drinks, food stalls, live music, games, comedy, and sweepstakes. We expect that it will become a regular feature on the Lagos social calendar in due course.

“We are confident that this festival when nurtured to its full potential, will bolster the business behind the food industry in Nigeria. Think of the great economic advantage and benefits that will accrue to the participating chefs, caterers, restaurants, and hotels that will provide them with shelter, as well as the spin-offs it would create for local suppliers of goods and services to the food industry.

“Now think of what will happen when we expose the product to the rest of the world. The world will come to understand that Nigeria is so much more than her current stereotype. In return, this will benefit our tourism industry, impact positively on our exports, in terms of goods and services, and help to generate much needed foreign exchange. This is why we are hosting the Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival – a full day celebration of the finest foods and drinks that Nigeria has to offer the rest of the world.”

The festival director promised that visitors would be exposed to “diverse and all-inclusive gastronomic exploits,” as well as an opportunity to attend a wide range of creative events during the festival.

“Visitors will include everyone interested in food and drinks – consumers, bulk buyers, distributors and buying agents, producers, purchasing personnel, suppliers, hotels and restaurants, financiers, etc.

“For organizations interested in exposing their brands, products or services, the Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival offers an exceptional and affordable platform to achieve this. Exhibitors include every player in the food, drinks and hospitality ecosystem, from manufacturers and producers to retailers and merchants; hoteliers and restaurants to financiers and government agencies,” he added.

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