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Lafia Gas Explosion: UK Agency Blames Incident On Lack Of Safety Consciousness

Lafia Gas Explosion: UK Agency Blames Incident On Lack Of Safety Consciousness

Lafia Gas Explosion:Blame Lack Of Safety Awareness - UK Agency

Nigerians have been urged to be watchful of activities going on around them as most victims of the Lafia gas explosions were passerby and onlookers.

This warning came from the Occupational Safety and Health Association through it Nigeria Regional Administrator, Emmanuel Uwalaka.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja, Uwalaka described the Lafia gas explosions which left scores of people dead as an unfortunate tragedy.

He said most people affected by the explosion lacked safety awareness and training.

Speaking further, the safety expert advised Nigerians to keep off from fire and explosion scenes if they are not providing aids.

He noted that there is a need for organizations to train and re-train their workforce on safety measure both at work and other places.

He said, “There is the need to ensure safety in everyday life and a procedure and principles guiding it.
“Nigerians must learn how to act and behave safely when conducting their daily operations. We must start to take occupational safety very serious.
“Few months ago, several vehicles got burnt after a petrol tanker explosion in Lagos due to safety negligence and lack of precautionary measures.
“Employers of labours must stop killing Nigerians.
“They are expected to train employees to be able to carry out risk assessments while executing their tasks and control the workplace hazards professionally,” he concluded.

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