How To Prevent Total Blindness In Children – Expert

How To Prevent Total Blindness In Children

Mothers have been warned to desist from the practice of using breast milk and urine to treat eye infections in babies as this could result in total blindness.

Dr Adegbola Adeyemi, the Registrar of the Ophthalmology Department of the University College Hospital, Ibadan mad this appeal recently.

He advised mothers to make use of clean water to wash their babies’ eyes, adding that in most cases, a lot of damages would have been done to the eyes before seeking medical attention.

The ophthalmologist noted that both children and adults contracts eye disease like conjunctivitis, popularly known as Apollo which is caused by bacterial infection.

Dr Adeyemi urged mothers to give their wards healthy diets and ensure they visit specialists for regular check-ups.

“There must be regular checkup for both young and old. Everybody needs a regular checkup to help adjust their sight,” he said.

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