How Proper Waste Disposal Will End Pollution – Experts

How Proper Waste Disposal Will End Environmental Pollution - Experts

In order to end environmental pollution, Experts have recommended the need to set up a system where manufacturers and producers collect their used products.

Speaking at the, median edition of the Pollution Control Conference,  Afolashade, a civil and environmental engineer with the University of Lagos bemoaned the sate of pollution in the country which makes Nigeria the 10th most polluted country with Kano and Onisha as the most polluted cities.

She emphasized the need for product manufacturers to develop waste disposal techniques before launching a product.

Speaking further, Nubi said, She said: “I recommend a lifestyle change where citizens understand the need to only buy what is required. The government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and environmentalists also need to enlighten and sensitize the people on waste generation and management.

‘’The people should be educated in the language they understand so the message can sink. Reduce, reuse and recycle backed by law and incentives with more emphasis in the Expended Producer Responsibility (EPR), where manufactures/producers are mandated to collect their used product, will also go a long way in curbing pollution from improper waste disposal.

“Incentives can help to encourage people to sort their waste from the point of generation. We need to look at the peculiarity of our environment. Nigeria is different, so we need to look at what will work for us. We should think of methods that will fit our own reality; we have to give the people alternatives – incentives, reuse of bottles, punishment, manufacturer doing something to better the environment, and the likes.”

Also speaking at the event was Ifeanyi Ochonogor, the managing director of E-Terra Technologies Limited, a company that specializes in recycling electronic wastes. He noted improper disposal of electronic waste is more harmful than other wastes.

He went on to advocate proper education and communication as this will orientate people on proper ways to dispose of electronic wastes.

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