How Lifestyle Medicine Can Tackle Chronic Diseases – Expert

How Lifestyle Medicine Can Tackle Chronic Diseases - Expert

The Chief Executive Officer of Glow Health, Adanna Monde has said a lifestyle medicine and multidisciplinary collaboration among health workers can change the narrative of the healthcare situation in the country.

Monde said lifestyle medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches which includes whole food, plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, and other important changes.

Speaking at the official launch of Glow Health, service and product-oriented firm, the public health expert said: “The global burden of disease has now shifted and we are dying from non-communicable diseases at the rate, which we never used to die before. It is very imperative that we tackle these lifestyle diseases effectively because we are now catching up with what was afflicting largely the developed world.”

Speaking further, she said, Glow Health specialises in dietary management, weight management, healthy chef training, corporate wellness initiatives, sports nutrition, full body composition, health screening, healthy food and equipment, complete nutrition review and public health consulting, added, “we thoroughly understand the processes, science and dietary treatments required to manage all lifestyle diseases. This includes, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, gout, metabolic syndrome, heart diseases, kidney diseases, stroke, cirrhosis, obesity and much more.

“She continued: “We help people adopt healthier and sustainable life changes, like management of lifestyles diseases, and also make plans that are particularly tailored to you. Our Corporate Wellness Initiative helps to improve workforce productivity because we know that a healthy workforce is a more productive one.

“People think that exercise is only to help people to lose weight or maintain their shapes, no. It is to keep your heart healthy. So, even if it is 30 minutes that one gets involved in physical activity daily, it is highly encouraged. Also, some people think that once they exercise they can eat whatever they want. Unfortunately, that is not and should not be the case, and that is why we urge the public to pay attention to their diet because it is the first line of defense against lifestyle diseases. That is what we practice here, and all these things work in synergy,” said Monde.

At a time when qualitative healthcare comes at a break-neck price, she said, “our products are absolutely accessible and affordable, and you do not necessarily need to go with our full plan, but it is important for Nigerians to know that these services are available in the country.

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