Malnutrition: Fathers Educated on Infant and Children Nutrition

Malnutrition: Fathers Educated on Infant and Children Nutrition

The Kaduna state nutrition officer Hajia Hauwa Usman has said that they have realized sometimes, malnutrition is not only caused by poverty but by lack of adequate knowledge of food intake.

She said this during the implementation of father’s knowledge on the right food to provide for their families which will help solve the issue of malnutrition in the country, sponsored and implemented in the state by alive and thrive.

Speaking to newsmen during the workshop Hajia Hauwa Usman, the Kaduna state nutrition officer said they are one of the first states in the country to involve fathers in how to improve the nutrition of children and infant.

“We are one of the first states to have good partners that come to support us on engaging the fathers on how to engage children’s food intake.

“Because when we are looking at the issue of reducing the issue of malnutrition in the state, we are talking about how to get complimentary feed for the children after exclusively being fed for six months for them to have something proper to eat.

“You need to work with the fathers because they have a say in the household, they are the ones that usually provide for the mothers and the children.

“If they are not involved, they may not know what to take because it is not usually the issue of poverty, it is the issue of knowledge on what to give to their family, she said.

She also said Kaduna state is willing and ready to provide an enabling environment with development partners for the betterment of its residents.

She said, “Kaduna is always welcoming partners that are ready to support us. We give them an enabling environment where they can work freely without any problem

“We are happy also that Kaduna government has the political will and commitment to serving its people with health food.

“Our gathering here is because we need to know what our partners are doing. it is not just partners coming to the state and implement whatever they want to implement without the government knowing what they are doing, if it will benefit the government and by government, I mean the citizens of Kaduna state.

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