Experts Calls For Technology Adoption For Improved Healthcare in Nigeria

Experts Calls For Technology Adoption For Improved Healthcare in Nigeria

Health experts have identified technology as a major tool to achieving universal health coverage in Nigeria, most especially as a current survey shows only 36 percent of Nigerians believe their health needs are catered for by the current health systems.

Report of a survey conducted y Royal Philips showed there were discrepancies between the reality of the country’s health system and the reality on ground.

The Chief Executive Officer of Philips Africa, Mr Jasper Westerink during a panel discussion on the survey said the study shows there is a need to pay more attention to preventive health care which will lead to a sustainable health system.

“The results also reinforce the need for the national government to invest a significant percentage of its healthcare budget towards medical research, preventive care, acute care and general health education.”
Westerink revealed Philips is committed to providing education and awareness towards the reduction of unhealthy lifestyles.

Also present at the discussion was the Lagos state Commissioner for health, Dr Jide Idris. He noted the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) law in the state was put in place to show the government’s commitment to developing infrastructures and creating and stimulating enabling environment.

Also speaking, the President, healthcare Federation of Nigeria, Mrs Clare Omatseye said “With technology being a major driver of change, especially today when patients are digitally empowered, healthcare solutions must be incorporated into everyday innovations and meet patients at their point of need.”

She urged the government to ensure mandatory universal health insurance.