Experts Call For Change In Handling Sanitation, Urge Collaboration

Experts Call For Change In Handling Sanitation, Urge Collaboration

Experts have emphasized the need to accept the reality that there cannot be a real national development if there is no positive response to address the issue of sanitation.

They also agreed there is a need for a shift or change which will include supporting legislation directed at national planning and resource mobilization.

Former registrar of Environment Health Registration Council of Nigeria (EHRCN), Dr Augustine while speaking in Abuja said the environment situation will change for better if such reforms are strategically put in place.

The former registrar called for a need to create a platform that will enable the private sector to provide basic infrastructures like recycling plants, waste collection, landfill sites, sewage system and wastewater treatment facilities.

He also criticized duplication of agencies in the environment sector adding that such will not augur well for the sector.

He said, “With better regulatory framework, the private sector can construct, own and manage a network of sewerage system in our cities. This will assist in reducing to the lowest level the incidence of diseases.

“According to the UNDP, an estimated 108 million Nigerians still lack access to toilets. In many urban centres, there are houses where people live and there is no functional toilet, he said. Ebisike expressed worries over lack of functional public conveniences in Abuja, saying many people who had well-designed toilets outside the centre of Abuja emptied the content of septic tanks at illegal disposal locations like bodies of water.

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