Expert Reveals How Recycling Business is The New Gold Mine

Expert Reveals How Recycling Business is The New Gold Mine

An environmental expert, Mr Lawal Rasheed has appealed for support to the government at all levels to boost the potential of the recycling industry in Nigeria.

Lawal made the appeal while speaking on the viability of recycling business during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He described plastic recycling business in Nigeria as a gold mine which must be tapped into appropriately.

“When Nigerians realize that plastic is the new gold, it will no longer be found littered on our streets.

“I have noticed how all of a sudden the markets are rid of corrugated carton and plastic wastes, now you will find them in neat piles waiting for buyers.

“However that industry remains grossly under-tapped especially outside Lagos,” he said.

“If government through its policies can encourage the increase in size and number of recycling companies and recyclable material dealers, it will boost the industry.

“The support will result in an increase in the demand for pet bottle waste as well as other plastic waste; hence, the consumers will see the bottles as sources of income rather than waste.

“If government trains, encourages through tax cuts and empower private individuals to set up recycling facilities, the Nigerian recycling industry will generate more income.

“If this is achieved, these private recycling organisations will scramble for raw materials, especially plastic waste.

“Some form of payment or reward system will then be introduced to private individuals who plastics are source from thus spreading the recycling wealth,” Rasheed.

He enjoyed the incoming government in Lagos state to review policies guiding waste management in the state.

“The current waste management strategy in Lagos state is abysmal and the failure is obvious for all to see. “Incoming government should review the new policy to include private-public partnership as it was done by previous administrations,” he concluded. (NAN)

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