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How To End Some Common Health Challenges In Nigeria – Expert

How To End Some Common Health Challenges In Nigeria – Expert

How To End Some Common Health Challenges In Nigeria - Expert

Mr. Bassey Ating, A reputable environmentalist has attributed incessant health challenges being witnessed in the country on poor human waste disposal in most parts of the country.

Ating who is the Programme Coordinator of Wise Administration of Terrestrial Environment and Resources (WATER) said this during an interview with newsmen in Abuja recently.

He advised Nigerians to desist from the habit of defecating in the open, adding poor disposal of human waste is a major threat to safety and health.

“Poor disposal of human waste and other toxic materials such as lead acid, asbestos products, and expired paints, among others, could be a threat to human health.

“If these substances are not disposed of properly, I mean when left in the open, close to populated areas or people’s homes, they can spread diseases easily,’’

Ating revealed flies and other pests feed on human or animals waste, transmitting then to people’s food leading to infection.

Speaking further, the environmentalist said: “The bottom-line is that bad waste management practices can result in land and air pollution.

“This can cause respiratory problems and other adverse health effects, as contaminants are absorbed from the lungs into other parts of the body,’’

“The waste is ultimately thrown into municipal waste collection centers, from where it is collected by the area waste managers to be deposited at waste landfills and dumpsites.

“If the waste management and disposal system of a neighborhood is defective, it can cause serious problems in the health of the residents and their environment,’’

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