How Eating Ultra-Processed Foods May Shorten Your Life

How Eating Ultra-Processed Foods May Shorten Your Life - Natural Junkie

You will agree ultra-processed foods are easy and sweet, most times, all you need do is ‘heat and ear’. But as good and convenient as this sounds, scientists have warned they are capable of shortening your life.

The study, which was reported by the Cable News Network discovered a 110 percent increase in the consumption of ultra-processed food could increase the risk of death from all causes.

According to the researchers, ultra-processed foods are industry-prepared food that usually contains five or more ingredients like hydrogenated oils, dyes or flavor enhancers which are not usually found in other processed foods.

“Ultra-processed foods are formulations of salt, sugar, oils, and fats, as well as flavors, colors and other additives and are mostly consumed in the form of snacks, desserts, and ready-to-eat and -heat meals.

“Here is a list of some common ultra-processed foods: carbonated drinks, sweet or savory packaged snacks, ice cream, candies, margarine and spreads, cookies, pastries and cakes, cereal bars, cocoa drinks, meat, and chicken extracts, instant sauces, sausages, burgers, hot dogs, among others,”

The researchers noted foods that are minimally processed usually retain most of their nutritional and physical properties making them healthier than ultra-processed foods.

Some examples of minimally processed foods are roasted nuts, bagged salads, beans, tomatoes, frozen fruits, pre-cut fruits, and vegetables.