Eat As Many Eggs As Possible – Poultry Association of Nigeria Says

Eat As Many Eggs As Possible - Poultry Association of Nigeria Says

The issue of how many eggs it is safe to eat per day has been a controversial issue for scientists all over the world but the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has charged Nigerians to eat as many eggs as possible without minding their age, gender or sex.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the chairman of PAN said the misconception that egg consumption should be discouraged from age 50 above should be disregarded adding that egg is a whole meal needed from ‘cradle to grave’.

Speaking further, Ibrahim said eggs is one of the products that contain 98% of required nutritional supplements. He, however, warned against excess.

“People are not aware that protein, energy, everything you require in your system, you can get it in egg.

“We have a tradition before that if you are above 50, you do not need egg because it has cholesterol and that has been proven otherwise by the recent scientific research.

“All animals, including humans, are from egg, so egg is a complete diet; you get all the basic nutrients from it. So why will you not eat an egg at a certain stage?

“But as applicable to all things, you must not take it in excess or abuse it,” he advised.

However, according to the Harvard Institute, the advice about eating eggs has over the years, ranging from a limit of three to seven per week. Although eggs are high in cholesterol, dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol very much in most people.

Saturated fat from meat and full-fat dairy products likely plays a bigger role. However, some people are more affected by dietary cholesterol than others.

People with high blood cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease should eat no more than two eggs a week. Focusing on overall diet quality, rather than one particular food, is also important.

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