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An Easy Guide to Begin the Art of Meditation

An Easy Guide to Begin the Art of Meditation

An easy guide to the art of meditation

It can be argued that Africans do not exercise regularly let alone practice the art of meditation. This may be due to rigorous work activities or the simple notion that this kind of arts is not meant for us. This is no excuse as the benefit of this art transcends cultural traditions and restrictions.

Meditation has been proven to accrue enormous potentials when carried out adequately and timely. Also, meditation helps improve the quality of one’s life. Studies have shown that giving as little as 10 minutes of meditation 4-7 times a week can significantly increase mental strength, promote emotional intelligence and improve heart rate whilst helping to prevent emotional eating and depression.

I’m no meditation expert but as it has been scientifically proven that meditation helps in numerous ways. Following these easy steps to begin integrating basic meditation into your wellness routine would prove beneficial. Enhanced breath work and techniques may be also introduced which can be quite helpful, however, for beginners this is an easy guide to begin your personal practice.


Practicing in the ideal environment is important as it helps boost concentration and all-around performance. For simple training at home, choose a quiet room and set up a mat or towel or cushion. Dim your lights or make use of the natural daylight as at the time of your practice. It is also advisable to turn off all electronics, listening to soothing music can help balance your state of mind during meditation.

Meditation Pose

Positioning is a personal choice; some people prefer to sit cross-legged with the hands resting on the legs, while others like to lie down on the back with stretched out legs and arms. Using supports such as meditation cushion or a soft pillow, yoga mat; large beach towels and yoga blocks can make the experience quite gratifying.


Continuous practice is key to improving your meditation. Being mindful can be natural and rewarding. It helps reduce all the noise in one’ head and gives clarity to one’s mind. Though the practice may feel awkward at first, the prolonged effect over time may become a powerful tool in your health program.

Experts’ advice to start with listening to the sound of each breath. As you inhale deeply, try to feel the air as it enters the nostrils and moves through the lungs, then exhale with the same consciousness.

When the focus floats away, start to breathe deeper and try again to draw it back to the breath.Always end your sessions when it feels right for you. Always end your sessions when it feels right for you.

Practising meditation helps improve one’s well-being as it helps increase relaxation, strengthens the immune system and increases a healthier lifestyle.  The benefits of meditation are endless, try to incorporate as little as 2-5 minutes per day and build your practice continuously.


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