Expert Warns On The Dangers OF Using Fake Eyelashes, Mascara

Expert Warns On The Dangers OF Using Fake Eyelashes, Mascara

The Enugu State Chapter of the Nigeria Optometric Association (NOAESC) has appealed to teenagers to stay off habits that could cause damage to their eyes.

Some of the habits mentioned by the Optometrists while sensitizing students of some selected secondary schools in Enugu state were fixing artificial eyelashes, using mascara, tampering with the eyelids, using non-recommended glasses among others.

Speaking at the sensitization, Dr. Gilbert Enechi, the team leader said engaging in activities that could hurt the eyes may lead to blindness which will make the students incapable of achieving their goals.

He said, “As future leaders of tomorrow, these our young ones still have a long way to go in their career path and how far they will go depends largely on the perfect state of their eyes.

“Students engage in certain activities that can damage the eyes but which were often thought to have no effect on the eyes.

“Some of the practices involve reading while facing up, frequent scratching of the eyes, using of eyeglasses not recommended, reading in a poorly lit environment and straining of the eyes.

“Others are the use of fireworks, knockouts and the application of foreign objects such as eyelashes, mascara and turning the eye lids inside out which causes allergies and eventually aggravate to eye defects.

“Eye defects common among students and teenagers are glaucoma, progenital cataract, crossed eyes, astynopia, astigmatism, short and long sightedness.”