Consumption of Energy Drink May Disrupt Vascular Function – New Study

Consumption of Energy Drink May Disrupt Vascular Function – New Study

The result of a study carried out by the American Heart Asociation has revealed drinking just a bottle of energy drink may harm the function of the blood vessel. reported that it was noticed the blood vessel function in non-smoking, young and healthy adults became diminished after consuming only one energy drink.

Previous studies had associated energy drink consumption with adverse health conditions related to the heart, stomach, and nerves.

Some researchers also linked the effects on the cardiovascular system with the effects the drinks have on the endothelial function.

In its investigation, John Higgins from the University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston and colleagues recruited 44 healthy, non-smoking individuals, all in their 20s and tested their endothelial function before they had consumed an energy drink. They then gave the participants a 24-ounce energy drink and tested the endothelial function again 90 minutes after they had taken it.

The team checked the participants’ artery flow-mediated dilation, a measurement that indicates the overall health of blood vessels. Before the drink was consumed, the blood vessel dilation was an average of 5.1 percent in diameter, but after the drink had been consumed, this measurement fell to 2.8 percent, which indicated acute impairment of endothelial function.

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