Chinese Scientists Develop New Flu Vaccine

Chinese Scientists Develop New Flu Vaccine With Nano-Technology

Chinese Academy of Sciences, a research group from Wuhan Insitute of Virology has announced the development of a new type of flu vaccine through the use of nano-technology.

The leader of the group, Cui Zongqiang revealed he intranasal nano-vaccine can target broad-spectrum flu viruses and induces robust immune responses.

“In our study, an intranasal nano-vaccine worked well against infections of H1N1 and H9N2 virus in mice. “The results suggest that the 3M2e-rHF nanoparticle is a promising, needle-free, intranasally administered, cross-protective influenza vaccine,’’ he said.

Measures have been taken to contain the winter flu outbreak across China.

Health experts reported the rate of flu spread has gone up 71 percent above the average for the same period in the previous three years, with a sharp uprise in child cases.

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