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Check Out These Simple Steps To Cure Dry Skin

Check Out These Simple Steps To Cure Dry Skin

Check Out These Simple Steps To Cure Dry Skin ·

Clear, smooth, shining skin is the dream of every woman and it is not a new age thing, women of all ages are known to go an extra mile to achieve a flawless skin. Getting rid of itchy, dry skin need not be so hard, it is more about knowing what to do and the time to do it. Check out these simple steps to cure dry skin.

1. Don’t Rub Your Skin Too Hard: Most of us have the habit of rubbing our skin so hard after a bath, as if in a hurry, but this is not good for the health of the skin rubbing the skin vigorously makes the skin lose it moisture. Instead of rubbing, just pat the skin gently till it gets dried completely.

2. Moisturize: I know some people can get away with going a whole day without moisturizing, but if you have a dry itchy skin, that is not something you should consider doing. Moisturising with a good product that suite your skin should be the last thing you do each time you take a bath.

3. Reduce the hot showers: A nice hot shower can be tempting, especially when the weather is cold. But hot water leaves your skin drier, taking all the moisture that should benefit the skin. So if you are too afraid to bath with cold water, endeavor not to go for a really hot water, something warm will do.

4. Reduce Shower Time: Staying in a shower for long can be fun sometimes, but forget the fun and mind your skin, staying in the water for too long can dehydrate your skin making your skin look drier than normal.

  1. 5. Protect Your Skin After Shaving: Having a dry skin means you need to be more careful when shaving, either you are using shaving stick, clipper or cream. Not shaving carefully can lead to ingrown hair that may refuse to heal. And ensure you also moisturize after shaving to prevent dryness in the area.

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