Carbohydrates Can Be Linked to increased risk of osteoarthritis – Scientists

Carbohydrates Can Be Linked to increased risk of osteoarthritis - Scientists

New studies conducted by the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, United State of America revealed carbohydrates could increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

The study that was led by Dr. Timothy Griffin, a pediatric hematologist-oncologist in San Antonio revealed carbohydrate composition of diets increased the risk of osteoarthritis in laboratory mice even though there was no change in the mice’s weight.

Lead researcher Griffin said, “We know increased body fat elevates risk, but we haven’t appreciated as much how diet itself affects the disease risk. These findings give us new clues that there can be significant dietary effects linked to increased osteoarthritis risk even in the absence of obesity.”

In order to study the link between obesity and osteoarthritis, groups of mice were placed on diets high in fat.

It was observed the carbohydrate make up of the animals’ low-fat control diet was enough to change their chances of developing the condition. reported Griffin and his team discovered changing the quantity of sucrose and fibred in the diet influenced osteoarthritis pathology in the rodents that were studied. While the high fiber diet caused changes in cartilage genes and cellular stress response pathways, the high sucrose diet increased signs of joint inflammation.

Although the study was carried out on mice, Griffin said it could have human implications.

“It is important to understand how our diet affects the health of our joints. We were surprised to see so many osteoarthritis-related differences between the two high-carb diets even though body weight and body fat was the same,” he said.

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