Cancer Not The End of Life – SOCRON boss

Cancer Not The End of Life – SOCRON Boss - Natural Junkie

The President of the Society of Oncology and Cancer Research of Nigeria, (SOCRON)  Dr. Clement  Adebamowo has assured that having cancer is not the end of life.

Speaking at a multidisciplinary cancer management organized by the SOCRON in Lagos, Adebamowo said there is a need to orientate the people that cancer occurs in Nigeria like in other places in the world and it does not signify the end of life.

“We need to let our people know that cancer occurs in Nigeria just like other parts of the world and it does not mean the end of life.

“With appropriate care, someone can live a better life. Early presentation is important, many of these cancers don’t make you have a fever, vomit or experience body pain but they are deadly,” he said.

He sent an appeal to the executive and legislature pump more funding into the health sector, most especially, cancer care.

Also speaking at the event was Terna Yawe,  a professor of General Surgery at The University of Abuja. He said there are many factors that make patients delay in presenting themselves early for proper cancer treatment.

Explaining the factors, he said, “Some of the factors are from the patients themselves. You know, local views about the disease, spiritual bearing, the fact that we need to pray for everything, our beliefs that everything has a cause and that the cause may be nothing to do with medicine but some individuals. Of course, there are potent issues of money; you don’t go to the hospital without money. It is almost like a cash and carry system now. So if you don’t have the money you don’t go to the hospital.

“Where patients are staying is another factor; those in the rural areas don’t get enough experts to attend to them, and those in the city have problems accessing care because experts are concentrated in few hospitals.”

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