Breastfeeding Week: Mothers Encouraged to Do Exclusive Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding Week: Mothers Encouraged to Do Exclusive Breast Feeding

As part of activities marking this year’s world breastfeeding week, mothers have been charged to engage in regular breastfeeding for a period of six months.

The charge was given by the community director of the Rivers state primary healthcare board Dr Isaac  Opurum in Port-Harcourt.

Speaking on the issue, he advised mothers to take advantage of the early stages as the milk helps in their growth.

He said, “Breastfeeding mothers are supposed to breastfeed the child exclusively for 6 months with only breast milk because that is what the child needs at that particular time. it is more than food for the child.

” it’s a very vital nutrient. it contains water, it contains nutrients. So it is very important for mothers to breastfeed their child right from the time the baby is delivered

“When a child is breastfed exclusively, you will hardly see him in a hospital with sickness like diarrhoea. It prevents diarrhoea, it prevents pneumonia. It is very important.

“Any child that is well breastfed usually develop well. Not breastfeeding a child means the child will not grow well, the child may likely die of disease because the child will be prone to infections.

He stressed on the need for mothers to continue breastfeeding as it creates a bond between them and their child.

The theme for this year’s breastfeeding week is “Empower Parents, Encourage Breast  Feeding.”

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