Boska Organises Pain Free-Day Campaign

Boska pain relief drug

Dexa Medica, manufacturer of Boska pain reliever has taken activation of the product across major cities in Nigeria with the aim of promoting good health.

The five-day Boska Pain-Free Day programme was directed at promoting wellness among Nigerians by ensuring they get fast relief from pain.

The Dexa Medica Country Bran Manager, Mr. Ololade Jesufemi revealed the activation train will touch five states, adding that a free public education on how to live healthy in addition to free medical checkup was organized for the people.

Speaking further, Ololade Jesufemi, “Series of medical activities and programs were embarked upon by the company to drive consumer love and affinity towards Boska.

“Some of the activities embarked upon by health practitioners during the event were to educate the people on how to live healthy life and pain-free, body massage and free health checks such as optical services, blood pressure, BMI, etc,” he said.

According to Abdularazaq Mustapha, Brand Executive for Sokoto, the activation was done for the consumers to feel and experience good health that drug is all about.

He went further to state that the consumers were very excited to partake in the free medical check-ups offered by Boska and many of them went on to buy Boska for their body pains and other forms of aches.

Onitsha is particularly known as the commercial hub of the East, hence most of the participants of the events were traders who were either users of Boska or competition. After the event, a lot of competition users bought Boska to try it.

He also noted that the main objective of the activation is to make consumers experience and use the drug in other to promote good health in Sokoto state.

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