Blue Dye Kills Malaria Parasite At Great Speed – Scientists

Blue Dye Kills Malaria Parasite At Great Speed

New research in the fight against malaria parasite has revealed the dye methylene blue is a safe antimalaria solution that kills the disease spreading parasites at an unprecedented rate.

Patients tested with the dye solution were cured of malaria within two days and no longer transmit the parasite when bitten by a mosquito.

This breakthrough was made by scientists at Radboud University medical center and some other international scientists during a research conducted in Mali.

The results were published in the February 6, 2018, edition of Lancet Infectious Disease.

It should be recalled that scientists were put under pressure recently as malaria parasites became resistant to artemisinin-based combination therapy which is considered an effective cure against malaria presently.

In the new research, methylene blue was added to artemisinin-based combination therapy. This resulted in patients not infecting other mosquitos within 48 hours.

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