AU partners EU to Elevate Disaster Management in Africa

AU partners EU to Elevate Disaster Management in Africa - Natural Junkie

The African Union (AU) in partnership with European Union (EU) has initiated Multi-Scale Flood Monitoring and Assessment Services for West Africa (MiFMASS) to enhance capacity of Disaster Management Organisations (DMOs).

Dr Ganiyu Agbaje, Executive Director, Centre for Space Science and Technology Education(CSSTE) Nigeria, while speaking with journalists in Ibadan stressed the need for government, especially in Nigeria to key into the use of information technology for disaster management, especially those relating to flood.

Dr. Agbaje called for the support of all stakeholders in disaster management especially during the raining period.

Other speakers at the meeting admonished stakeholders to enlighten the people on the consequences of indiscriminate dumping of refuse, calling for collective efforts in solving the problem.

They appealed to residents of oyo state and other Nigerians to desist from blocking water channels through discriminate dumping of refuse.

It should be recalled that the Nigeria Emergency Management Agency recently alerted some states to set up measures to prevent the effect of flood as they are at risk.

Adamawa state, which was one of the states warned recently, had about five local governments submerged in flood with a bridge washed away.

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