Mobile App That Will Save 2 million Lives Launched

Amba Mobile App That Will Save 2 million Lives Launched - Natural Junkie

A Medical transport mobile app known as Amba which is expected to reduce about two million deaths has been launched in Abuja.

According to a report by Vanguard, Amba, is an emergency response aggregator and alert system which delivers real-time medical alerts to doctors-on-call with a view to shortening response time and providing patients with emergency care at the knick of time.

The founder of Doctors On Call Health Support Initiative, the group behind the app, Dr. Adejobi Adeloye said the purpose of the Amber app is to help bridge the emergency medical gap in the country through the services of a pool of first aiders, healthcare workers, ambulance owners, firefighters, emergency aid workers and drivers that are registered on the platform.

Dr. Adeloye said, “Most patients die because they don’t have the medical professionals to take care of them at the point of injury or at the point of entry into the hospitals.

“We felt that once there is an alert system or a platform that can deliver medical alerts to a doctor-on-call platform, the response time was going to be shortened whereby patients can have relevant attention given them at the knick of time; thus, reducing the number of avoidable deaths in Nigeria especially among pregnant women and those in displaced communities.

“It is a mobile app that enables people to live independently without having to go to a healthcare facility. Quite a number of sick people in some communities have little or no access to healthcare facilities. So, with the app being flexible and user-friendly, all they need to do is just tap a button on their phones and it will send an alert to a central server; then, it will send their name, geo-tagging and an ‘I Need Help’ message to doctor-on-call platform, and a doctor will contact the patient or patients.

“The convention in Nigeria is for patients to hospitals. Right now, we want it to be two-way whereby you either go to the hospital or the hospital comes to you.”

Aside the health rescue the initiative will provide, the Doctor said the project will involve services of taxi drivers which will be another avenue to provide jobs for Nigerians while improving emergency response system at the same time.

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