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7 Hair Care Tips For Harmattan Season

7 Hair Care Tips For Harmattan Season

Check Out These 7 Hair Care Tips For Harmattan Season

What is the first thing that comes to mind when harmattan season hits? The cold? Yea! The type that makes you want to ignore the sound of your alarm in the morning. But aside the cold, we also have the dryness to contend with. Most times, we moisturize the skin to prevent the dryness, but what about the hair? While it is normal to lose about 100 strands of hair a day, we can easily lose much more if we fail to learn how to care for the hair during the harmattan.

Taking care of the hair during harmattan must be done consciously, it is good to find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Let’s look at some ways to care for the hair during this season of dryness.

MoisturizeRegularly: How often you moisturise may depend on your hair type and porosity, but it is advisable you moisturize your hair daily during the harmattan season. The extra dryness that comes with the season will leave your hair dry and weak, leading to hair breakage and splitting.

Deep conditioning regularly: If your schedule allows it, deep condition your hair at least once a week. Deep conditioning is the most important way to care for your hair this season. To deep condition your hair, you can use aloe vera juice. Coconut milk, or mayonnaise.

Use Natural products: Stay away from organic products as much as possible. Some organic products strip the hair of its natural nutrient, natural treatments are more preferably to retain texture and strength.

Stay away from heating tools: I know coiling iron, hot iron and hair dryer makes it easy to style the hair, but heating tools will dry the hair more, doing more harm than good.

Get spray bottle: A small spray bottle containing water, oil, and glycerin will come handy this season. You can carry it along with you and spray your hair from time to time to keep it moisturized.

Cover Up: Cover the hair with satin cap or bonnet before hitting the bed to protect the hair from the harsh weather and retain moisture

Protective styles: In case you can’t fit a routine into your schedule or you are just plain lazy, you can opt for a PS like wigs, twists braids and sew-ins. But you still need to moisturize and seal your hair regularly or you will experience huge breakage and hair loss.

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