5 Women You Must Follow on Instagram For Healthy Nigerian Food

If you are like most people, the struggle is real when it comes to preparing healthy meals, especially with Nigerian foods. We always find ourselves overeating the same types of food or get stuck on ideas for healthy recipes. With social media, you can wave that problem goodbye. No matter the platform you choose with a few minutes of searching hashtags or recipes you can definitely find some inspiration.Here some of our favourite Healthy Nigerian accounts to follow on Instagram.


Belle is indeed the foodace. Belle is a qualified nurse and also manages her spice range business. She is married with two beautiful kids. Her Instagram account looks like a food magazine, which constantly makes us drool and sometimes question our own cooking skills. She shares mouth-watering recipes on Instagram page and blog. The next time you are stuck on ideas on what to create for any meal, her Instagram page is an excellent place to search for inspiration.


Ronke Edoho also known as 9jafoodie is another superwoman to follow, She is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss specialist. She is one of the pioneers of Nigerian food blogging, her blog shares easy to follow wholesome recipes has taught countless people how to improve their cooking skills and learn about food in the process. Her cookbook Lose It Nigerian has proven that you can actually lose weight on Nigerian food.


Somi is a Vegan!!. yes, you heard right a vegan British-Nigerian, she does not eat any animal products. She is a health nerd who happens to have studied Biomedical Sciences (with a component of nutrition) at Kings College London, completed a Masters’ degree in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology at Imperial College London. She is also married and is a mother of two.She shares her content through her blog and an Instagram account. Scrolling through her picturesque feed can cause instant hunger prangs. If you are curious about starting a vegan lifestyle, her page is the perfect place to start.

Pearl Okeke

Pearl is a certified nutritionist with a passion for food, health & fitness. She is also the founder of pearl Etique. Pearl Etique is a fresh supper club experience that brings great food, a friendly social atmosphere and entertainment all into one place. The aim is to use these events to educate guests on important nutritional information through quizzes and presentations. Instagram feed is a display of beautiful mouth-watering images showcasing simple, colourful clean recipes. Her meals are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Ella is a food lover and a fitness addict. She is one lady who has proven you can achieve everything and more when you set your mind to it. She is a full-time PhD researcher and also has a parttime job. On her Instagram feed, you can find healthy recipes which are quick and easy to prepare. Her weight loss journey has been very inspirational, she has lost over 20kg and counting. Her motivational quotes will get you pumped to make a change in your lifestyle.